It is vision, vision and vision

Transformational Leaders Have Vision

Improve Today and Tomorrow


The goal of transformation is to make things better. Some of the aspects will be in the future, particularly when we deal with large systems. But improve we must. In every aspect of our life, we need to think for the future. Here again, the issue of our vision creeps in, as to whether we are literally talking about something that will occur in the future, or whether it is a possibility in the here and now.



Before we create something we need to think about it. We have to have some guide for action before we can move toward an outcome. There is a huge component of imagination involved in the practice of vision. We come up with the image and then we use our power to create it. We have to use this standard in conversations and in our planning every day. Think it then help make it happen Just consider what would happen if you took time every day to think about your vision.