Posture for Success

In today's world, there is a lot going on to which you can have all sorts of responses. Ideally, we will live our lives from a place of confidence, trust, and commitment to create our own path and destiny. However, sometimes each of us can "forget" what we are truly capable of accomplishing and give our power up to circumstances around us which can be totally outside our control. In my work, I often hear people describe their responses or strategies in physical terms.


What a leader needs to know about change



One of my friends recently asked me why anyone would want to hire someone to create change in their organization. His perspective was that a business would want to be stable and reliable, not in transition and change. There are the old adages of "why upset the apple cart" or "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". So, his question is quite valid. Why support change? Here's what I have learned about this.


Lessons from Sarah Palin

Most of us have now seen the news covering Sarah Palin and her decision to step down as Governor of Alaska. While we can question her motive, agree or disagree, what I would like to talk about today is simply the leadership action involved. First of all, as anyone who has listened to me for very long will know, I am a huge advocate of stepping into a desired state of change.


Generosity and Gene Simmons

Last weekend found my wife Justina and me at Comic Con in San Diego. What an experience that was! It started out with our good friend Matthew inviting us to go to the conference to see his sons' business Radical Publishing and their booth at the convention. Now, I have not been much of a comic book fan, but I am a fan of family and seeing people succeed. I am also a great fan of creativity, and was this ever a place to see that! Top it off with a party on Saturday night, and we were good to go. Now, what does Gene Simmons (yes, the one from Kiss) have to do with this?

What's your story?

When is a bad story good?

Farther, faster, higher

Prioritize your time or your energy?

 Recently I was asked if it is more important to prioritize your time or your energy. The more I think about it, the more I see an interesting dilemma in a schedule driven world. I have been through many physically intensive times and roles. I have been with people who lived their lives through their physicality. These Many have taught me ways that they managed their energy in order to apply it where it really counted.


What's your headline?



Last weekend I opened my news page and noticed two different headlines for the same event listed side-by-side.


Here’s what they said.


Headline 1: Philippines ferry passengers rescued Headline 2: Philippine Ferry Sinks; Five Dead, 63 Still Missing

Living Through Transformation