What Would You Do?

Transformational vs. Transactional Leadership

Why Does the Old System Keep Coming Back?

New leaders



Our changing and expanding world needs many things not least of which is a re-invigorated leadership. As a new leader you require clearly defined attributes and you must:


• be far more comfortable with ambiguity and with leading through influence

• be fluent in the language of humanity, in the universal connections of heart and spirit

• connect through rapport rather than positional power

We All Need Skills

How Hard Is it To Change?



You’re a leader and you believe you need to change. Fine. But how do you change and can you do it? The answer is clearly ‘yes’ say those who have followed the methods explained by Dr Jeff Evans in his ground-breaking book Inspirational Presence. As Dr Evans explains, “The work of this book is to teach leaders how they can accomplish transformation in the simplest form possible.


What Will You Do Tomorrow?

We All Have Presence

To Change Your Company First Change Yourself

Inspiration or Motivation?