How to Be Inspired?

It’s Contagious

Accent the Affirmative



We lead better and follow better when the mood or atmosphere is positive. We are inspired when the vibe is good. Most of us know this from experience. If we are in a relationship of any sort—work, family, romantic, or social—where the mood is unhappy, heavy, or depressing, we feel ourselves dragged down. We will feel uninspired. Conversely, if that same situation has optimism and enthusiasm, we will feel that mood moving through us as well.


It’s All about Emotion



The key for leaders is that every group, at a deep and subconscious level, is looking for the person in that group who is the emotional leader and who will provide group direction and guidance. If there is a social hierarchy at play, those patterns help the group attune to a person more quickly and consistently.


Yes, But Does a Leader Lead?



In many cases the leader or chief is known as the boss. They are the person who is in charge through his or her formal authority. But in reality, a large percentage of people who have the title or designation of leader are not leading at all. They may be directing or providing managerial functions, but they are not leading. They are in positions to exercise power through authority.


There are Leaders and There are Leaders

Learn How to Lead



Leading is a skill like many others and can be taught. Group skills are essential to overall leadership ability, but the basis is in the individual, with who you are as a person and where you want to go. The act of leadership is a combination of skills and unique worldviews that combine to allow leaders the flexibility to create new conditions, to move the hearts and minds of others, and to manifest reality that would not have emerged otherwise.


How to Lead Yourself

The Three-Step Formula to Leadership Success



The most interesting thing about the following steps is that they are easy. You can achieve success as an inspirational leader by following this formula. Here are the steps.


Find your passion—that is the thing that you most love and want to have happen in the world


Take Control