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At the individual and team level, we provide insight into the behaviors needed for successful leadership and the actions required for improving business performance.

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Gain clear insight to leadership patterns for key personnel through straightforward metrics and reports.

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We accurately measure leadership behaviors from an individual and team perspective resulting in a clear understanding of your organization’s leadership state.

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Identify key performers who can transform your organization. Plan leadership development in detail throughout your company.

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How Have ALII-Maps Been Performance Validated?

Many companies understandably want to be assured of the validity and reliability of the ALII-Map as a predictor of leadership potential. Below is a brief overview of the research and validation methods used to develop the ALII-Map leadership assessment tools. 

Statistical Analysis


What are the Five Levels of Emotional Intelligence Development for Leaders?

Research tells us that emotional intelligence can be increased through practice, but how do we measure improvements in our ability to regulate our own emotions, empathize, and interact with others in an open, honest manner? Here are some signs of emotional intelligence development that are easily assessed in professional situations.  

Level 1: Self-awareness