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EGL (Envision Global Leadership) was founded in 2010, based in Los Angeles, California. It acquired The Gaian Group, an organization development and leadership firm founded in 1997 by Jeff Evans, PhD. 

Dr. Evans practiced as an internal OD practitioner and spend a decade working large scale change in international and global settings with his colleague Chuck Schaefer. They later documented their approach in The Ten Tasks of Change:  Demystifying Changing Organization (2001). The Gaian Group was formed as an external practice in 1997 and provided services in the oil and gas, telecommunications, research and development, and defense industries. A subsequent shift to leadership development in 2005 was spurred by the emergent research in the neuroscience and neurocardiology of leadership, which opened new avenues for developing global leaders. 

In 2010, The Gaian Group became a part of Envision Global Leadership (EGL) with Dr. Evans assuming the position of CEO and practice lead. EGL relocated headquarters to Houston, Texas in 2012.

What Makes EGL Different?

#1 Decades of Expertise.

We have deep expertise and decades of experience in human development and human systems change. Drawn from extensive research and numerous engagements around the globe, EGL's engagement methods are designed to support transformation and innovation with clients. The foundations of this expertise are outlined in two books in print, The Ten Tasks of Change and Inspirational Presence both written by Dr. Jeff Evans, CEO of EGL (see 'books').

#2 EGL's Proprietary Validated Assessment.

We have proprietary validated assessments with which we are able to assess key leadership competencies. From there, we provide development and support in both the individual and group levels of system. In some cases we can use these diagnostically to develop a more robust leadership talent pool.

#3 System-Wide Benefits.

We have a commitment to linking the benefits of leadership development and executive coaching back to the organizations. We help clients recreate what they have learned within themselves and transfer it back to their teams and organization as a whole to positively affect system performance. 

#4 Highest Standards in Coaching.

We are affiliated with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and all our coaches have been trained up to or beyond ICF standards. They are trained to work with any client in any business in any culture.

#5 Valuable and Varied Resources.

We have a member portal through which we provide resources, articles, blogs, videos, assessments and more. 

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Thanks for your interest.  Please fill in the information below, and we will contact you shortly with more information. In addition you will find on the next page a sample of our Leadership Multirater Assessment Feedback Report Demo which will provide further insights into how LMRe & LeaderNav work.
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