Critical Insight
The ALII-Map is centered on behavioral feedback from a variety of people at different levels, which provides leaders with critical insight into whether others are experiencing them in the way they hope or intend. It is designed to measure 8 Domains of Leadership performance.

Why Does this Matter for Leaders?

Mastering the skills of authentic influence is critical, especially for leaders in mid to senior level roles.

Research shows that 80-95% of senior level job success is tied to relationship-based and emotional intelligence skills. In most senior level roles, technical skills are only required for fluency and perception. In addition, certain types of roles have especially high relationship requirements, such as sales, marketing and project leadership.

Why Does this Matter for Companies?

Many companies face the need to quickly develop highly effective leaders in complex environments. These future leaders face escalating requirements for enterprise and integrative behaviors and skills. In addition, today’s multi-location, multi-function, cross-cultural, and changing teams demand that leaders rely even more heavily on emotional intelligence, transformational leadership and relationship-based skills in order to foster success.

The ALII-Map assessment:

  • Is shown to be valid and reliable
  • Is behaviorally-based and has interval ranked responses
  • Focuses on the behaviors of influence, including Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Styles, and Perception Factors
  • Assesses any behaviors that might diminish influence, called “Derailers”
  • Has non-judgmental results

Online Delivery:

  • Online delivery and administration through the EGL Member portal
  • Only takes 20 - 25 minutes to complete
  • Online participant monitoring and reporting

What will you get out of the ALII-Map?

  • Extensive written feedback report, available directly to participant through EGL Member’s Website
  • Custom reported charts showing results
  • EGL coach debrief and action plan

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Who best fits the ALII-Map?

  • Leaders who manage organizations
  • Those who must lead through influence
  • Mid to senior level leaders
  • Project team leaders
  • HR, L&D, Talent Management organizations working to enhance their Organization Capability

ALII-Map Individual vs Enterprise

ALII-Map Individual focuses on the leaders use of self in teams and individually, while ALII-Map Enterprise focuses on how the leader engages with the organization as well as with teams and individuals.

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Emotional Intelligence for Leaders
Leadership Engagement Styles
Perception Factors
Transformational Leadership Styles
Behavioral Derailers
Organization Engagement
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