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Leadership Presence
What makes one person stand out in such a way that others are moved by them? What defines such a leader? What sort of leader sustains others on a daily basis? At the core of the most powerful leaders is presence, or that indefinable yet palpable feeling that others experience around them. It is their interesting difference, the angularity of their approach, a continually positive and constructive sense of the world, or just a totally different slant they put on situations. However you describe it, leaders have it. You know when they walk in the room. When they talk, people listen.

Now, combine that leadership presence with a profound connection to individual purpose and the people around them. Add a willingness to assertively put this purpose into the world, communicate it, and support others in their efforts, and you have an Inspirational Presence.

Inspirational Presence is the ability to connect authentically with others; to use your thoughts, feelings, and intuitions to inspire others towards your cause.

At Envision Global Leadership, Inc., we help leaders find that passion, that edge, and develop Inspirational Presence, one leader at a time. Want it? Read on...

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