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 Transformational leadership

There are many ways to categorize leaders. A useful way for many organizations is to differentiate transactional leaders from transformational leaders. It’s important to understand different leadership styles because certain organizations—or positions—benefit more from one over the other.

Transactional Leadership
Those that are focused on keeping operations, production and finances moving and motivate others through rewards are referred to as transactional leaders. Most often, this type of leader is more concerned with meeting day-to-day objectives rather than focusing on long-term strategic goals.

Transformational Leadership
Leaders that look at the big picture and have a vision for both the company and employees are described as transformation leaders. This type of person focuses on getting people and systems in place for future growth by investing in employee development.

While there are places for transactional leadership, transformational leadership has been shown to be extremely effective at fostering engaged employees, which in turn can benefit the business with increased productivity.

With LeaderNAVTM, you can identify people within your organization that display behaviors consistent with transformational leaders. Our proprietary software uses a Leadership MultiRater (LMR) assessment that is research-based, statistically valid and provides non-judgemental results. The enterprise-level assessment devotes a section specifically to transformational leadership styles in addition to assessing global personality factors, emotional intelligence, perception factors and organization engagement.

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LeaderNAVTM was evolved from all of Jeff Evans’ PhD research and experience in executive leadership training and business organization. His work with individuals, groups and large companies gave him the insight needed to develop a leadership assessment solution that can be implemented in companies and run by talent development managers or human resources at regular intervals.

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