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Effective leadership

There are many factors that contribute to organizational success, but none are as important as effective leadership. A capable leader has the strategic ability to visualize company goals and the skills to motivate, encourage and engage employees to reach—or exceed—those objectives.

Effective leaders can inspire others and create an atmosphere where people feel valued and an integral part of the organization. This creates a sense of personal ownership towards organizational success and helps develops a closer alignment between individual and business objectives.

Leaders that provide encouragement can foster a positive culture. By creating an environment where others feel empowered to contribute can significantly improve the organization’s ability to reach new levels of success.

Effective leadership also provides a structured approach to reaching goals. Providing a space for inclusive planning allows others to identify, contribute and help achieve the organization’s objectives.

Identify Leaders 
Simply knowing effective leadership helps an organization succeed is not enough. You also need a way to efficiently and effectively identify leaders to understand where best to devote leadership development resources. LeaderNAVTM is proprietary software that can help executives and HR experts objectively measure, compare and validate specific leadership behaviors within their organization.

By using Leadership MultiRater surveys, we can assess a small, select group of employees or provide an in-depth analysis of the whole organization. The success of LeaderNAVTM comes from Jeff Evans, PhD and his decades of experience in executive coaching and organizational development.

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Envision Global Leadership in an established leadership assessment and development company with decades of experience. With our proprietary assessment tool, LeaderNAVTM, we’ve helped companies assess key leadership competencies within their organization and helped them develop and support future leaders.

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