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Part of what makes a business leader successful is being able to figure out how to run a company better and, crucially, more productively. Often this involves identifying and eliminating inefficiencies and duplicated resources, as well as making sure the best possible team has been assembled with the right qualifications. But the irony is that, in doing this, we often neglect to try to improve one of our most valuable qualities, that of leadership and the ability to inspire and to motivate. Companies often bring in outside experts and coaches to improve all aspects of their operations, except perhaps the most important one, their emotional intelligence.

But I’m a good leader already?

You most certainly are, or you would not be in the position you have risen to. One reason we reject the idea of getting help to improve our emotional intelligence is an ingrained bias that this ability is something we should develop innately. But think of it this way: if you were a great tennis player capable of making a living on the pro circuit, would you leave it at that? Of course not! You would hire the best tennis coach you could find to make the absolute most of your innate tennis ability. It's the same with emotional intelligence – whatever level you are gifted with is one you want to nurture and improve upon. Otherwise, if your emotional intelligence is low, nothing will work out well for you. If it’s high, good things may happen but not nearly as much as they could be.

Where do we go wrong?

Far too often efforts to improve productivity treat employees like they are automatons and forget the complex emotional nature of getting someone on your side. Think about your life outside of work. Would you try to motivate your child or your friends with dry surveys and formal milestones? You wouldn’t because you instinctively know that doesn’t work with actual human beings. They are far more likely to get on board if they feel valued, inspired, and are given space to offer their input when appropriate. You may have great ideas and goals in life and all the basic ingredients and personal drive and resolve to make it happen, so why isn't it? Often the problem is communication, as all great ideas and even small ones need good communication to be realized. Being able to convince other people of the worth of your vision, or simply making a connection with someone just for its own sake, is a skill we all need, and need practice in.

So how do I do this?

You find an expert who focuses on this area to learn from. At Envision Global Leadership we specialize in a form of transformational leadership training that gets the most out of your team by showing you how to use emotional intelligence to get them fully engaged. We achieve this through a variety of approaches including Leadership Assessments, Leadership Development, and Executive Training. 


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