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leadership assessment software

Ongoing leadership assessment is extremely important, but it’s equally important to use the right software. In order to be effective, leadership assessment software should be unbiased, use a validated and reliable methodology and be easy to use and implement.

Why Use Leadership Assessment?
There are certain behaviors associated with effective leaders and assessments can provide an analysis of how closely a person’s behaviors match desired leadership traits. This can help organizations make decisions about where to invest resources on development and training.

Choose the Right Assessment Software
There are many tools that can be used to assess leadership competencies, but not all are created equal. You need to ensure the tool is behavior based—not based on evaluations and opinions—and includes feedback from a variety of people at different levels.

LeaderNAVTM is a unique leadership assessment software that assesses candidates using multi-source behavioral feedback. Compiling answers from over 100 questions, the Leadership MultiRater assessment provides insights about a candidate’s emotional intelligence, leadership style, organizational engagement and derailers.

Once assessments from all candidates have been completed, LeaderNAVTM provides a single-page overview so executives, HR managers or talent developers can easily compare results and decide how best to invest resources. This allows an organization to make strategic decisions regarding leadership development.

While Envision Global Leadership offers a one-time analysis, we’ve also developed a licensing agreement for companies that want to perform ongoing leadership assessment in-house. We provide certification for HR professionals to properly administer the MultiRater assessments and supply in-depth training on how to use LeaderNAVTM to analyze the results. By licensing the software, you’ll always be able to administer assessments to ensure your organization can quickly adapt to changing environments.

If your organization currently doesn’t have an assessment and development plan in place—now is the best time to get started. Schedule a call to see how LeaderNAVTM can be seamlessly integrated into your business.

LeaderNAVTM was evolved from all of Jeff Evan’s, PhD experience in executive leadership training and business organization. His work with individuals, groups and large companies gave him the insight needed to develop a leadership assessment solution that can be implemented in companies and run by talent development managers or human resources at regular intervals.

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