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Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of leadership coaching in developing strong leaders. In fact, coaching has been found to be so effective that 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies now work regularly with executive coaches. Here are just a few ways leadership coaching helps create more effective leaders.

Leadership Coaching Increases Self-Awareness

Research shows that most employees tend to rate their performance lower than a supervisor or manager would. Leadership coaching helps potential leaders see themselves more clearly and develop a stronger awareness of how their actions impact the company as a whole. This understanding is essential to improving empathy and self-management – two "soft" skills that are essential for success in today's business world. 

Leadership Coaching Increases Motivation

When a potential leader is aware of his or her strengths and weaknesses, he or she will be more motivated to accomplish personal and professional goals. This sets in motion a positive feedback cycle where the employee is constantly building on strengths and channelling their motivation toward leadership success.

Leadership Coaching Identifies Strengths and Weaknesses

Everyone has a unique skill set, but not everyone is able to identify the skills that make them an asset to their organization. A good business coach will work one-on-one with the employee to discover these hidden skills and leverage them into a leadership role. 

Equally important as identifying a potential leader's strengths is to identify his or her weaknesses. Coaching helps employees understand what their "fatal flaws" are and find ways to either fix or compensate for these weaknesses.

Leadership Coaching Increases Confidence

Confidence is one of the hallmarks of an effective leader. A confident leader makes better decisions, is adept at handling conflict, and knows he or she has the skills and experience to overcome challenges in the workplace. The emotional support and encouragement offered by a good leadership coach can help boost an employees' confidence which, in turn, will increase his or her motivation to succeed.

Leadership Coaching Identifies Gaps in Training

Leadership coaching helps employees identify any gaps in training or knowledge that are preventing them from advancing into a leadership role. Skill gaps are identified through a combination of assessments and consultations with both the employee and the individuals he or she interacts with regularly (colleagues, superiors, subordinates, clients, etc.). The leadership coach then works with senior management in order to develop a personalized leadership development program designed to aid the employee in achieving his or her professional goals.

Coaching can mean the difference between an adequate leader and one who will drive the success of your organization. Consider how executive coaching can help you build a stronger, more motivated management team.

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