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Improve Leadership Skills

Even the best leaders can improve their skills; however, it can be difficult to identify one’s own strengths and even harder to analyze areas that need improvement. That’s why if you’re dedicated to improving leadership skills, it’s imperative to first understand how those around you view your leadership competencies.

The best way to assess leadership skills is to receive honest feedback from people you interact with regularly. When looking for a leadership assessment tool, you need to use one that is objective and statistically valid. Ideally, the assessment should be based on behavioral feedback of what is actually demonstrated and observed, rather than on ratings or subjective value judgements. 

Envision Global Leadership has developed a unique Leadership MultiRater assessment that uses over 130 questions that focus on behaviors of influence including Emotional Intelligence, leadership styles and perception factors. The online assessment uses interval ranked responses and the score indicates how often the leader demonstrates behaviors associated with the specific area of focus. The report not only indicates areas of strengths but also assesses derailers, which are behaviors that could diminish leadership influence. 

Once a leadership assessment has taken place, the results can be used to develop a plan to further a person’s leadership skills. Individual Leadership MultiRater results can also be used in conjunction with LeaderNAVTM, our proprietary software which provides an overview of everyone’s results. Having a one-page summary can help make company-wide strategic decisions about the best allocation of leadership development resources. 

If your organization currently doesn’t have an assessment and development plan in place, now is the best time to get started.

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LeaderNAVTM has evolved from all of Jeff Evan’s, PhD experience in executive leadership training and business organization. His work with individuals, groups and large companies gave him the insight needed to develop a leadership assessment solution that can be implemented in companies and run by talent development managers or human resources at regular intervals.

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