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The importance of enablement focus to business success is increasingly thrown about as a concept, but sometimes it is difficult to know where to start because, like with so many new ideas, it is still evolving and is often poorly conceived and explained. Since enablement is so intertwined with leadership, a team leadership assessment can give valuable insight into which of your employees are best suited to making it happen.

What is enablement?

Part of the confusion surrounding enablement focus is a general lack of consensus or clarity on what exactly enablement focus is.  This is due in part to the fact that it is a newer concept as a distinct area of business practice compared to well-established concepts like accounting and marketing.  But the definition is well established in the disciplines of leadership theory and leadership assessment, which is no surprise as enablement is very closely related to leadership. Leaders enable, whether through their own actions and examples or by identifying competent employees and delegating power to them to get things done.

A working definition

Companies have a mission, which could be to sell a product, provide a service, or realize a goal. To take the simplest example of a company that sells a high-volume product and makes most of its money off the initial sale, sales enablement is about bringing all the components together to achieve that goal in an overarching sense. This goes beyond the traditional sales division which is on a par with other divisions.  Whereas the sales division will be immediately focused on sales, leaving technical support and warranty issues to other separate divisions, sales enablement focus concerns how all divisions drive the fundamental goal of making sales, and ensuring that they continue into the future and grow. Sales enablement focus requires that someone knows how crucial honoring warranties is to continuing sales, and that marketing must always be finding new opportunities to exploit. This requires a special kind of leadership ability and broad picture perspective, which are traits a team leadership assessment can pinpoint in an individual.

Information and integration

Enablement demands a leader have the ability to absorb information about all aspects of a company’s operation and integrate that information into a form that can be funneled to where it will be most useful. This could involve making the sales team aware of the unexpected success of a new marketing campaign that is revealing of consumers’ needs and wants, so that the sales team can make sure those needs and wants are fully addressed going forward. This requires leadership that is always thinking one step ahead, and that doesn’t feeling bounded by traditional divisions and roles. A team leadership assessment provides a multidimensional evaluation that can identify those most suited to this important role.


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