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Corporate leadership assessment

Evaluating leadership behaviors and developing employee competencies should be an ongoing process in every organization. When corporate leadership assessment is an ingrained part of the company culture, it allows for continued development of the leadership pool; which is beneficial during times of management change.

While company-wide assessment and development should be ongoing, the frequency of individual leadership assessments will be dependent on a number of factors. Generally, most companies choose to administer reassessments every 12 to 24 months. You want enough time between assessments to see meaningful behavioral change, so it’s imperative to allow the individualized leadership development plan and coaching to take effect before scheduling another evaluation.

While regular corporate leadership assessment is extremely important for succession planning and overall business growth, it should be noted that not all assessment tools are equal. In order to be successful, the assessment software your company uses to identify and develop leaders should be validated and objective, to ensure you’re not wasting valuable resources.

LeaderNAVTM was developed by Jeff Evans, PhD, an expert in the executive coaching and organization development fields. He applied his decades of experience and knowledge to help create this unique assessment software that can not only evaluate key leadership behaviors, but also rank results from everyone assessed in an easy-to-read overview. This provides human resource and talent development managers a high-level overview of all their potential leadership candidates.

By undertaking corporate leadership assessment regularly, you can ensure your succession pipeline is always full and your company is equipped to handle any changes or transitions smoothly. Let LeaderNAVTM help your organization easily identify people with the competencies to help grow your business.

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Envision Global Leadership is an established leadership assessment and development company with decades of experience. We’ve created a proprietary assessment tool, LeaderNAVTM, that’s helped corporations assess key leadership competencies in their employees and helped them develop and support future leaders.

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