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leadership assessment

With hundreds of employees, it can be hard to identify people who have the potential to successfully lead your business into the future. To properly assess leadership competencies within your organization, you need to take an objective approach to evaluate employees’ behaviors and discover people with traits that align with your organizational goals.

Some companies only rely on performance metrics or personal observations for leadership assessment. While providing valuable insights, this subjective type of evaluation can be negatively influenced by personal relationships or subconscious bias. It’s also important to note that high performance is not always an indicator of leadership qualities.

To be successful, leadership assessment needs to be empirically based and collect data from multiple sources. At Envision Global Leadership, we’ve developed a validated assessment software, LeaderNAVTM, that uses Leadership MultiRater reports to analyze employees and return a single-view picture of your leadership pool. What makes our leadership assessment tool stand out is that it’s behaviour based, rather than evaluation based—leading to a more objective assessment that can comparatively rank candidates. Additionally, we can provide further support through leadership consulting, coaching and education delivered by our highly trained ICF Certified coaches.

Use your time efficiently to help identify future leaders in your organization. With LeaderNAVTM, you’ll have the tools to develop talent that will help ensure continued success.

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Jeff Evans, PhD has used his decades of experience in executive coaching and organizational development to create the LeaderNAVTM (SAS) software to help organizations objectively measure, compare and validate the requisite leadership qualities in their team.

Envision Global Leadership in an established leadership assessment and development company with decades of experience. With our proprietary assessment tool, LeaderNAVTM, we’ve helped companies assess key leadership competencies within their organization and helped them develop and support future leaders.

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