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Today’s organizations will leaders who possess the skills to navigate complex business situations and manage cross-border teams effectively. However, recent studies show that the four most important leadership skills – strategic planning, change management, the ability to lead employees, and the ability to inspire loyalty – are lacking in today’s managers and executives. Of the many causes for this shortage of leadership skills in organizations, poor organizational strategies for identifying, recruiting, and developing leaders was a top concern.

So, what can companies do to bridge the gap between current leadership gaps and future leadership needs? One way to identify the capabilities of your current management team and develop them in an actionable way is to conduct a leadership team assessment. Whether conducted via a survey, an app, in-person feedback, or a 360-degree appraisal, team leadership assessments help you identify growth and development opportunities not just for your top performers, but for the organization as a whole. Here are a few ways that a team assessment can be used to help align your leaders’ actions with the company’s goals.

Identify Potential Gaps in Training

Performing a leadership team assessment allows you to identify any areas in which your leaders are lacking training or skills. With this data, you can intervene early through training programs and coaching to bridge any gaps in knowledge and increase the confidence of your management staff. In additional to “hard” skills training, “soft” skills training may be appropriate in order to develop a leader’s empathy, communication skills, and team-building capabilities.

Create a Leadership Benchmark

In order to properly assess your leaders, you need to know what a good leader looks like in your organization. The data from team leadership team assessments can be used to develop a clear leadership strategy based on specific metrics.

Develop Effective Recruitment Practices

Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the managers in your organization today equips you with the information you need to make critical decisions in the future with respect to identifying, recruiting, and retaining talent. 

Inspire Openness and Trust

Many companies use coaching and feedback as rehabilitative strategies, making the annual performance review a nerve-wracking experience for employees and managers alike By performing regular team leadership assessments, you create a culture of feedback which, in turn, fosters a sense of trust among the team.

Team leadership assessments help organizations analyze the strengths and weaknesses of its leaders and determine what steps need to be taken to ensure the company’s future leadership needs are met. Consider how performing regular assessments can help your company refocus its leadership strategy and recruitment practices.

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