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progression planning

Progression planning is a way to ensure your organization can meet its future leadership goals while also providing employees with professional development—which is extremely important to today’s workforce. By utilizing empirically designed and validated leadership assessment software, an organization has the information it needs to successfully develop plans to help strengthen competencies of future leaders.  

What is Progression Planning?
Although sometimes confused with succession planning, progression planning is a distinctly different but complementary activity. Succession planning focuses on identifying people within the organization that have the traits and behaviors to successfully replace leaders while progression planning aims to develop a person’s skills so that they’re better matched for a targeted leadership position.   

The first step of progression planning is to objectively evaluate a person’s current leadership behaviors and competencies. LeaderNAVTM uses LeadershipMultirater surveys to establish a baseline by collecting behavioral feedback from a variety of people at different levels. This provides individuals with critical insights into whether others are experiencing them in the way they intend.

Individuals that are assessed will then receive a comprehensive report that lists their strengths, weaknesses and areas of development. LeaderNAVTM also produces a single-page overview, that can be used by development managers or HR professionals to create an overall growth map of the organization.

After the assessments have been completed and reports issued, an organization can develop individual progression plans. These plans should focus on strengthening skills and behaviors that are associated with targeted leadership positions. 
Succession planning is important, but companies should not ignore progression planning as well. 

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LeaderNAVTM was evolved from all of Jeff Evan’s, PhD experience in executive leadership training and business organization. His work with individuals, groups and large companies gave him the insight needed to develop a leadership assessment solution that can be implemented in companies and run by talent development managers or human resources at regular intervals.

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