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communication skills

To lead effectively, you need to be a good communicator and be able to build a rapport with a variety of groups. By improving your communication skills, you’ll be able to better motivate, encourage and engage employees to reach and exceed business objectives and goals.

Practice Listening
To improve communication skills, you first need to learn how to be a good listener. Too often, people equate communication with only talking, but as Richard Branson advocates, you should “listen more than you talk.”1 

During conversations, engage others by asking for their thoughts and posing open-ended questions. When others are speaking, make sure your body language indicates you’re receptive to what they’re saying. Make eye contact, refrain from mentally preparing a response and provide confidence by nodding or smiling. It’s also important to acknowledge what the person has said by asking follow-up questions or providing feedback.  

Use Simple and Straightforward Language
The measure of a good communicator is not a vast vocabulary. To clearly convey a message, often simple and straightforward language is the best approach. The best leaders and communicators understand their audience and will tailor their language accordingly. 

Improve Emotional Intelligence
There’s a direct relationship between communication skills and emotional intelligence (EI). People with a high level of EI are often better communicators because they have the capacity to maintain focus and level-headedness during stressful or difficult conversations. As you take steps to strengthen your EI, you’ll likely see communication skills improve as well. 

The best leaders are always working to improve their skills and a leadership assessment can provide an objective evaluation of key competencies and behaviors. 

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