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Companies can't afford to be stagnant if they want to maintain their position and thrive in today's business environment. There is simply too much competition, and too much ease of locating and comparing between competitors, versus past eras where an established name carried far more permanence. A key component of ensuring any business reaches its potential is the continual identification of standouts within the company ranks. People leave or retire, and that often means having to find the standouts within your organization for promotion and added responsibility. One way to ensure you identify the standouts is to use a comprehensive leadership team assessment expert to give an honest and thorough report.

Unbiased Evaluation

It is natural to see the best in people we like, or even people we pity. This can even happen on an unconscious level since, as you know these people and work alongside them, there are inbuilt biases that are hard to overcome. The simple way to avoid this is to have an external entity that is experienced in performing these assessments come in and do it for you. That way you are guaranteed to have an informed and unbiased opinion of the leadership skills of your people. There may still be compelling reasons why you want to promote a certain individual over another based on your historical knowledge of their work history, but you will now be making those decisions with the benefit of an outsider expert opinion together with your experience.

Universal Assessment

It may seem easy to pick out who is performing the best from a team leadership perspective by looking at internal company data on how different teams and projects are performing. While this can be instructive, it gives a picture that is highly specialized to your company, and one that is greatly influenced by the circumstances and tasks each individual is facing. Some personnel may be performing better because their particular tasks are easier than others. When further responsibility is added, the real leaders succeed while those benefiting from favorable circumstances in the past will now falter. There is much evidence to show that genuine leadership in an individual is a universal quality that can be tested similarly across all business sectors and even cultures. To avoid false results, it is imperative to use a tried and proven universal assessment method.

Multidimensional Analysis

Rather than a simple" great, good, or poor" assessment, identifying standouts properly requires using a methodology that gives a complete picture of the individual. This includes how they perform in a team, and, in the case of a chief executive, how they perform in assembling and managing a senior team of executives. This calls for a multidimensional analysis that identifies different aspects of leadership performance and provides an assessment of each. In this way you can identify not just the standouts, but the exact standout who is the best match for every senior position.


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