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leadership traits

When a person exhibits 5 specific behaviors, it’s a strong indication they have the ability to be a successful leader. However, it can be difficult to identify people within an organization that display these 5 essential leadership traits in an objective and efficient manner.  


Traits of an Effective Leader

Enterprise Thinking - The ability to consider the entire organization when making decisions.

Developmental Orientation - Showing concern for the growth of others and the organization as a whole.

Positively Perceived - Willingness of others to follow a person’s lead.

Collaborative & Inclusive - Ability to motivate, involve and get others engaged within the organization.

Strategic Focus - Displaying behaviors related to high-level strategy and leading others towards a broader vision.

Effectively Assess Leadership Traits with LeaderNAVTM
Knowing what leadership traits to look for is important, but you also need a way to efficiently assess—and compare—employees’ behaviors. Envision Global Leadership had developed proprietary software—LeaderNAVTM that can objectively measure, compare and validate specific leadership qualities using Leadership MultiRater surveys. We can assess a small, select group of employees or provide an in-depth analysis of the whole organization.

LeaderNAVTM results include an in-depth evaluation for each employee that can be used for their own leadership planning and development. We also provide an easy-to-understand graph that compares and ranks the results of all employees that took the assessment. These results can be used by the Leadership Development or Human Resource departments to identify and further develop employees with leadership potential.

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LeaderNAVTM was developed as an evolution of Jeff Evans’, PhD experience in executive coaching and organizational development. He combined his 20 years of experience into software that can be used by companies globally to identify, develop and retain leaders within their organization.

Envision Global Leadership in an established leadership assessment and development company with decades of experience. With our proprietary assessment tool, LeaderNAVTM, we’ve helped companies assess key leadership competencies within their organization and helped them develop and support future leaders.

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