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Leadership assessment

Leadership assessment is important for all businesses, regardless of size, because every organization benefits from strong leadership. Leadership assessment can identify employees with high potential that can help during a reorganization, provide stability during times of growth or even identify company-wide competency gaps.

What is Leadership Assessment?
The best assessment tools seek to provide a thorough—and objective—analysis of a person’s behavior and compare results against established benchmarks. Assessment results can be used to create a personalized employee development plan, help with progression planning and guide decisions about resource allocation.

When using results from assessments to make organizational decisions, it’s crucial to use validated processes. Envision Global Leadership (EGL) has created a Leadership MultiRater assessment that has shown to be validated and reliable, is behaviorally based, has interval ranked responses, and focuses on key behaviors including emotional intelligence, leadership styles and perception factors.

The assessment is based on over 100 questions and once complete, the extensive report is made available to the participant through our Member website. We also provide custom charts showing results and an EGL coach debrief and action plan.

Our Leadership MultiRater assessments can be used in conjunction with LeaderNAVTM, which allows HR managers or talent development officers to easily compare results from multiple assessments to make decisions and track leadership development progress. We offer LeaderNAVTM as a one-time use tool, or it can be licensed to provide ongoing assessments. Learn why LeaderNAVTM is different from other assessment tools.

All businesses can benefit from strong leadership, so all businesses should be investing in leadership assessment.

Contact a sales representative and learn how LeaderNAVTM can help your business succeed.

Envision Global Leadership is an established leadership assessment and development company that has developed our own proprietary assessment software—LeaderNAVTM.

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