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Too often, leadership development, and assessment, only focus on upper management positions. Many businesses overlook the benefit of identifying and cultivating leaders in all levels of their business, which can provide stability during times of change and can actually create a more productive and engaged workforce.

By developing leaders at all levels of business, you can help minimize disruptions during times of change. When a CEO or other high-level position unexpectedly leaves, it can create confusion among employees, affecting productivity and morale. However, having leaders spread throughout the organization, working towards a common goal, helps maintain a level of normalcy during uncertain times.

More leaders can also increase productivity. Traditional forms of leadership, with a hierarchical, top-down decision making is transforming and in some industries is even proving to be ineffective. Instead, some corporations are seeing better employee engagement and productivity by leading from the middle or even leading from the bottom—where leaders in all positions of the company can be a positive catalyst of change, regardless of their title or authority level.

For many organizations, especially large corporations, it can be overwhelming to try to assess all employees and decide where to spend time on leadership development. LeaderNAVTM is proprietary software developed by Jeff Evans, PhD which uses his decades of experience in executive coaching and organizational development.

LeaderNAVTM can help organizations objectively measure and validate the requisite leadership qualities in their team and also provides a comparative overview, so you’re able to visually compare behaviors off all employees.

Identifying and developing leaders in all levels of your business will enable and empower all employees to work towards the common company goal of creating a more successful organization.

Contact a sales representative to see how LeaderNAVTM can help identify leaders in your organization.

Envision Global Leadership is an established leadership assessment and development company with decades of experience. With our proprietary assessment tool, LeaderNAVTM, we’ve helped companies assess key leadership competencies within their organization and helped them develop and support future leaders.

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