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Empowering others

Leaders can have a great deal of power within an organization by driving change, enacting policies or establishing strategic goals; however, the greatest power a leader has is empowering others to positively contribute to their organization. 

Link Between Employee Empowerment and Employee Engagement
It’s no secret that when employees are engaged in their work, they’re more productive and help contribute to the success of the organization. In fact, a recent Gallup study reported that businesses with a highly engaged workforce saw a 41% reduction in absenteeism and a 17% increase in productivity.1 While businesses know the benefits of employee engagement, many struggle with how to achieve it. 

One way to create a highly engaged workforce is through empowerment. When people are given the latitude to make decisions, provide feedback and grow within the organization, they’re more likely to become invested in the overall success of the business. 

Share Information: The best leaders freely share knowledge so that others have all the information they need to succeed in their roles. As long as the information is not privileged, proprietary or sensitive, all employees should have equal access.

Encourage Open Communication: Establishing communication channels and actively soliciting feedback helps creates an environment where people feel safe to share their thoughts and ideas. Nurturing this type of engagement will have a significant positive impact throughout the whole organization. 

Provide Development Opportunities: When employees feel valued, they’re more likely to stay and invest their time and effort to help an organization succeed. Make them feel like a valuable part of the team by investing in their skills and by establishing personal development plans that can help them grow in their role, and in the company. 

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