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Use Feedback to Develop Leadership Skills

It can be hard to hear critical feedback, especially as it relates to your leadership skills; however, honest assessment of your behaviors and skills is one of the best ways to grow and evolve. To develop leadership skills, you first have to understand where you need to improve.

Feedback can come from a variety of sources. Some organizations have been able to develop a culture of open dialogue, where employees feel confident in sharing their observations and evaluations with superiors. Other companies have regular reviews with management or executives where performance is evaluated. While helpful, this type of feedback should also be accompanied by objective and validated leadership assessment.  

To get the most out of constructive criticism, it’s important the feedback you are receiving is helpful and unbiased. With leadership assessments, you can see how your behaviors and competencies are viewed by people you work with at different levels. Insights from assessments can then be used to develop personalized leadership plans to further develop leadership skills.

It is crucial that there are regular follow-up assessments after implementing a development plan to ensure behaviors are evolving.

Envision Global Leadership has developed a Leadership MultiRater (LMR) assessment that is research-based and statistically valid. After collecting feedback from a variety of people, you will receive an extensive written report and custom report charts that show your results. The assessment also includes an Envision Global Leadership coach debrief and action plan. We also offer executive coaching to help leaders further develop their skills.

Learn more about our full-service assessment and schedule a call with one of our experts. 

Envision Global Leadership has developed our proprietary validated assessment process from decades of expertise in human development and human systems change. We provide development and support to both individuals and whole organizations. 

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