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Does your leadership team have the leadership skills and behaviors needed to achieve your organizational vision? Or are they holding you back? LeaderNAV™ is a leadership assessment method that evaluates the current state of leadership skills in your organization. The assessment examines individual leaders as part of a greater whole. Our multi-rater system draws from all levels in your organization; the results show a comprehensive picture of the current state of leadership in your firm.

LeaderNAV™  Focuses on Leadership Skills, not Management Skills

Organizations have come a long way since Taylorism, but most leadership assessment tools still regularly combine leadership and management, often speaking of them as if they are interchangeable. Both are important roles in organizations, and the skills needed to be successful are entirely different. You need management skills who can put out fires and make sure accounting systems are functioning. Leadership skills drive change and ward off obsolescence.  Each person in the organization needs to have both sets of skills, and be conscious of when they are using one of the other.

LeaderNAV™ assesses skills related to exceptional leadership. The results show your individual leaders’ skills in conjunction with the leadership pool as a whole. It goes one step further and only looks at the skills that make the most significant contribution to organizational success.

As you probably remember from your b-school days, Prahalad and Hamel advised firms to strengthen their core (mission critical) competencies at the expense of less critical competencies. Applying this wisdom to leadership development, focus on the leadership skills that matter most and put the rest on the back burner. You’ll have a better ROI, and your leadership team will have the skills needed to keep your organization agile.

LeaderNAV™ Results Show Each Leader in Comparison to the Entire Leadership Team

You can view your LeaderNAV™ results from an overview or drill down to the data collected on each individual. This includes a graph showing each leader's Z-score (standardized distance from the mean results of all test takers) for each skill. Anyone outside +/- 1 standard deviation (sigma) is tagged. Results like this provide sound guidance for distributing leadership development resources. Instead of investing in the 68 percent who already have the skill, you can target your spending on the 32 percent who need to improve.

EGL Provides the Insight, Vision, and Tools You Need

When you partner with EGL, we provide the insight, vision, and tools you need to develop your leadership team. The results identify anyone on your team whose skill level is more than one standard deviation from the mean (+/- 1 sigma). This information allows you to maximize ROI because you can put the money where it is most needed. Taking action on the results of the LeaderNAV™  will simultaneously strengthen your leadership pool while they transform your organization towards your vision.


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