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leadership assessment

There are a variety of leadership assessment tools available. It’s important to choose the one that can easily—and efficiently—identify and build talent within your organization. Envision Global Leadership (EGL) has developed a proprietary software, LeaderNAVTM, that can assess key leadership competencies and compare results from multiple leadership candidates. Additionally, EGL provides individual feedback sessions and development planning, as well as ongoing support, coaching, and reviews.

What sets LeaderNAVTM apart from other leadership assessment tools:

  • Objective and validated Leadership MultiRater results.
  • Results are calibrated against global norms rather than internal evaluations.
  • LeaderNAVTM compares the results across different leaders and returns a single-page overview—allowing for development planning with a high level of precision.
  • Follow-up leadership consulting, coaching and education is available from our highly trained International Coach Federation (ICF) certified coaches.

LeaderNAVTM can be used for a one-time analysis or licensed by organizations for ongoing leadership assessments. When licensed, we certify HR professionals to properly administer MultiRater assessments and provide training on how to run and analyze results.

LeaderNAVTM was developed by Dr. Jeff Evans, PhD, with his decades of experience in human development and organizational development. Based on extensive leadership research along with countless engagements around the globe, our software can analyze leadership behaviors and derailers for any role in any industry, region or organization culture, while providing organizations with an overall view of their current leadership pool.

Schedule a call and learn how LeaderNAVTM can help grow your business.

Envision Global Leadership in an established leadership assessment and development company. With our proprietary assessment tool, LeaderNAVTM, we’ve helped companies assess key leadership competencies within their organization and helped them develop and support future leaders.

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