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leadership development

There are two equally important reasons why you should invest in leadership development at your organization. The first is to successfully prepare employees for future roles at the business and the second is to ensure the lasting success of the organization as a whole.

Prepare Employees for Future Success as Leaders
It’s essential to equip new and emerging leaders with the support they need to feel confident in a new leadership role. This includes working with them to recognize derailers—behaviors that could impede their success as a leader—and develop a plan to overcome them. By taking the time to develop an individual's leadership competencies, you can help ensure that their transition into a new position will be successful for both them and the organization.

Prepare the Organization for Change
Businesses are constantly evolving and to successfully withstand any changes—either internally or externally—there needs to be strong leadership. By proactively identifying future leadership gaps and creating individual progression plans to fill vacancies, you can provide a smooth transition during uncertain times.

Leadership development programs help individuals grow within your business and also benefit the organization as a whole. Envision Global Leadership is an established leadership assessment and development company with decades of experience and we can help your business develop and support future leaders with our proprietary software, LeaderNAVTM.

Our flexible software can be used to assess a small, select group of employees or provide an in-depth analysis of the whole organization—helping businesses make smart decisions about their development resources. 

Schedule a call and learn how LeaderNAVTM can help grow your business.

Jeff Evans, PhD has used his decades of experience in executive coaching and organizational development to create the LeaderNAVTM software, which helps organizations objectively measure, compare and validate the requisite leadership qualities of their team.

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