Leadership Team Development

Why You Need Leadership Team Development

Are you taking the right approach to achieve your long-term goals? It all starts with giving your staff the tools and resources they need to succeed. Some leaders are born, but the vast majority learn skills on the job and slowly grow into their roles. With Envision Global Leadership’s leadership development program, you can effectively foster your team in the right direction, providing the context they need to build crucial skills.  

Leadership Coaching

How Leadership Coaching Can Help You Succeed

How confident are you in your current leadership structure? If your team isn’t actively working to become more cohesive and build toward a common goal, you could be setting your company back more than you know. That’s why Envision Global Leadership’s leadership coaching programs are so crucial for organizations looking to establish their long-term plans. Our team works closely with your own, sharing our coaching skills and engaging your staff with high-quality training programs designed to help you succeed.


What Are the Characteristics of a Global Leader?

We’ve already talked about broader leadership attributes, but how can those same qualities apply to someone whose network extends across the globe? Global leadership development is all about applying your skills to help everyone in your organization reach the highest level of performance, no matter where in the world you might be working. In this blog, we’ll go over the six commitments all great leaders show, how they tie in to the universal model of leadership, and how you can apply them to your own organization. 


Are You a Transformational Leader?

What kind of leader are you for your organization? What kind of leader do you want to be? You might think that maintaining the status quo is the best way forward, but sometimes a little more effort is required if you really want to make a difference. Every company is different; depending on your industry, personnel, and long-term goals, your processes and ideal leadership style will vary. 


What Are Leadership Qualities?

What kind of impact are you making on the people within your organization? It doesn’t matter if you’re in charge of an entire team or heading up a single project; you can always improve your environment through your actions. But what makes a “good” leader? What qualities need to be present to lift up those around you and achieve your goals?


What Are Examples of Emotional Intelligence?

Navigating your workplace can seem like a minefield at times. How do you know when to push your team so they can reach that next level versus when to back off and give them a break? What’s the best way to approach each workday so it yields the results you’re looking for? One of the biggest parts of being a sound, reliable leader is your level of emotional intelligence. In this blog, we’ll talk about the specific categories all leaders have to display in the office, as well as more specific examples of emotional intelligence in the workplace.


Forget Succession Planning Assessments—You Need Progression Planning

You might have a succession plan in place, but how are you helping your employees progress through the ranks until then? CEO succession planning is a crucial area every company needs, but progression planning is just as important. Uncovering future leaders within your team and managing your own personal talent pipeline play a key role in your company’s success and go a long way toward determining the shape and structure of your future leadership team.

leadership skills

Use Feedback to Develop Leadership Skills

It can be hard to hear critical feedback, especially as it relates to your leadership skills; however, honest assessment of your behaviors and skills is one of the best ways to grow and evolve. To develop leadership skills, you first have to understand where you need to improve.


Six Qualities of a Good Leader

It doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO of a company or heading a mid-level project—each and every employee at your company has countless opportunities to lead. But what’s the difference between someone who is simply in a leadership role and someone who in their bones is a galvanizing, thoughtful leader (regardless of their position)? Someone who offers such a meaningful presence could certainly be in a role like that, but the role itself doesn’t inherently make you a good leader.

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