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Transformational Leadership: Planting Seeds of Innovation

Planting Seeds of Innovation
The seasons change as we move into spring. For me, the transition into spring means a change in the focus of goals and intentions. It is a time of renewal, new ideas, and new directions. May this season be full of creative energy for you. In the spirit of the season, this offering focuses on some things a leader can do to promote creativity and innovation in themselves and others.

One item that I propose you consider in this requires a story about myself and a thought leader who had a great impact on me.

Transformational Leadership: The Power of Saying "No"

The Power of No
Summer has finally arrived in Santa Barbara, and productivity here is reaching higher levels. I count my blessings every day to be able to live and work in this beautiful part of the world. Our client base continues to grow, and at the same time, we learn more about how to engage efficiently and effectively. My current book project on Inspirational Presence is moving along, and I am finding some spectacular leaders to participate in the research portion. Look for more information to follow on this. Also, if you are interested in participating, look for more information below.

Understanding Belief Systems

Understanding Belief Systems

Change your Beliefs? Are leaders born or developed? This has been a common question you will find in much of the research around leaders. You will find that the answer is "Yes", as it is quite certain that some people are born with certain natural tendencies towards leadership, and we also know that our process of natural and social development strongly impacts our abilities to lead.


Transformational Leadership: The Power of Saying "And"

The Power of "And"

I just attended the 'Consciousness in Action' conference for the Institute of Noetic Sciences last week, and have reconnected with many of the truths that initially put me into this business and have kept me there over the years. One of the things that really struck me was a description made by one of the presenters about many current practices of spirituality. He called them collectively "decorated narcissism."

Transformational Leadership: The Power of Intention

The Power of Intention

Last week I had a speaking engagement titled "Living with Intention". This is a powerful issue for all of us, yet it tends to be talked about only in select venues. Like many other issues related to leadership, it can be viewed from the highest perspective in more abstract ways, or from the most immediate moment-to- moment perspective of how we live our lives. Today's article is the second, about how we use intention in our daily encounters.

Leadership Transitions - Have you Reached One?

Leadership Transitions

I write today just having finished outlining a chapter on Global Leadership. My personal mission in developing leaders is to support a group of people who truly understand what it means to think globally. Our world truly needs people who think from the broad systems perspective, and are ready to take on the challenges of problems that extend beyond national borders, that are outside of our native language, and are for the good of all humanity.

Empathy for Others

Empathy of Others

December is here. Santa Barbara has been an interesting place to be this year with a theme of ash falling. The Zaca fire that burned to the north of us for the summer months put a lot of powdery white ash over the countryside. It was everywhere, in the trees, on the ground, on every building. Every time the wind blew you would get what looked like a little snow flurry.

Inspirational Presence

Inspirational Presence
Kung Hei Fat Choi for those of you who follow the Chinese calendar (as do my extended family in Hong Kong). We have just entered the year of the Rat, which is a time of hard work, activity, and renewal. It is said to be a good year to launch new ventures, and is an opportune time to launch new products. Speaking of new ventures, the year of the Rat brought in my next book project.

Global Leadership

Global Leadership

During a recent conversation, the subject of the U.S presidential election became the focused topic. While discussing the different candidates is interesting, discussing some of the issues posed to the nation is fascinating. One place that we all agreed was that we all wanted opportunities for choice. All people deserve to have to opportunity to have choice in the direction of their lives, and ideally, in the direction their country takes. If there is anything that is common in my writing, it is the theme of choice.

Learning to Lead Your Own Path

Learning to Lead Your Own Path
What we choose to know...Mark Twain is credited with saying "it ain't what you don't know that gets you in trouble, but what you think you know that just ain't so". I look at the world today, and find so many examples of things that we think we know that probably don't stand up to examination. These really tend to stand out when they are in the realms of stereotypes or prejudices, but also show up in many more subtle ways throughout our lives. One area of current interest is the economy.