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Why Does the Old System Keep Coming Back?

Why Does the Old System Keep Coming Back?
During every change effort, at some point people seem to revert to old ways. In fact, some cases people never seem to change at all? I can't count the times I have heard leaders say, "I can't believe that people are still doing that! We've have already approved the new system and announced the changes!" Understanding why changes can vanish in the midst of large organizations is a study in human and organization dynamics.

The simple part is that it happens the same way whether it is one person or a thousand. It gets more complex when you put an organization into the mix.

New leaders

New Leaders
Our changing and expanding world needs many things not least of which is a re-invigorated leadership.

We All Need Skills

New Skills
Being a leader today means your skills are more important than ever. Once you acquire new skills you become a leader who transforms yourself and others. We’ve always had skills and leaders have used these skills to create change in many settings throughout our recorded history. But the issue now has to do with the relative importance of these skills. The magnitude of interpersonal connections being created globally is at a point never before experienced in human history.

Want to transform your interpersonal skills?

What Will You Do Tomorrow?

What Will You Do Tomorrow?
Every leader knows what he or she did today, last week and last year. But what will you do tomorrow, next week and next year? Success comes from what you did last, not where you are going next. However, predicting future success from the use of technical abilities is like driving by looking in the rearview mirror. It doesn’t tell what will create success where you are going.

How Hard Is it To Change?

How Hard Is it To Change?
You’re a leader and you believe you need to change. Fine. But how do you change and can you do it? The answer is clearly ‘yes’ say those who have followed the methods explained by Dr Jeff Evans in his ground-breaking book Inspirational Presence. As Dr Evans explains, “The work of this book is to teach leaders how they can accomplish transformation in the simplest form possible.

My highest aspiration for this book is simply for it to be useful.

We All Have Presence

We All Have Presence

Meeting someone for the first time triggers a response. It is that person’s presence. Presence is that portion of another human being that you sense without consciously trying to do so. This presence can be small or large, compelling or repelling, indefinite yet palpable; it is the basis of connection between human beings. Each of us has presence, and that presence can be sensed by others around us. What is your presence? If it’s inspirational you are well-placed to lead.

Inspiration or Motivation?

Inspiration or Motivation

Both are worthwhile in the area of leadership. But there is a clear difference between the two. Most of us have experienced the meeting or event that is filled with motivational techniques. We get the bright lights, loud music and the cheering from the stage. Invariably, these events will have us on our feet, clapping and making plenty of notes about what we will do next. These events can find resonance within us and spur us to action. This sort of energy definitely has its place. We need energy on tap but what about the other times?

To Change Your Company First Change Yourself

To Change Your Company First Change Yourself

It may be easy for you to lead but only an inspirational leader will help create effective and lasting change. Leadership and change are tied tightly together, as you rarely lead people to where they already are. New undertakings and directions are achieved when people see the world in new ways and spend their days doing different things. Therefore, it is critical to understand the aspects of how people engage new concepts and how a leader can influence this.

How to Be Inspired?

how to be inspired

If inspired leadership is the ideal then how can you exercise that style? What steps are needed to become an inspirational leader? The answer, believe it or not, is simple. “Be inspired.” This is the first place of leadership. Each of us has to find the thing in life that really turns us on, that lights up our eyes, that makes us want to leap out of bed in the morning because we can’t wait to be involved with it. We find our passion in the middle of this space of caring, and we learn that our actions produce results, and create things that we can love.

It’s Contagious

It's Contagious

It’s possible to pick up a cold from those around you. It’s also possible to pick up inspiration and many other positive attributes from your colleagues. If you’re an inspirational leader you can spread the good word almost everywhere you go. But person to person is by far the most effective method of operation. If we go to a comedy club and sit in a room full of people who are laughing, the show likely will seem uproariously funny.