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It’s All about Vision

It's All About Vision

Getting people to take action can be driven by different means. Prodding or threatening them can produce results. But are they the type of results you want? Creating a vision and leading people to action produces better and longer-lasting benefits. The most effective change efforts put vision in the center and work to align people around that direction. By working to achieve a unified sense of shared vision, you create a collective movement toward a shared aspiration.

How Others See Us

How Others See Us

You are the leader and will naturally attract a response from your colleagues. But what are they thinking? And what are you thinking about them and their response? It is important to think about how others will perceive what we are doing or where we are going. Each person will interpret us differently, and we will interpret each individual through our favorite systems. If we expect people to resist change or our ideas, we inform our subconscious that whatever we see as resistance is a meaningful whole, and our sensing systems will find it.

Good Leaders are Good Managers

Good Leaders Make Good Managers
An inspirational leader can do a lot for the health and welfare of their colleagues. People need to be relaxed to be in their highest mental states and their most creative modes. The leader has an obligation to recognize and institute this. As an inspirational leader you can provide people with the opportunity to take risks and change their minds. You need to create an atmosphere of calm. People cannot effectively examine their core beliefs and assumptions from a place of fear.

It’s Not Easy Being the Boss

Its Not Easy Being a Boss

You tread a fine line as leader. You want to have your colleagues move but through inspiration. You want the right type of change. This comes back to you and the type of person you are. People do not want a change leader to be a boss or a driver; they seek a person who is inspired and committed to a path toward a more highly desirable place. They want a leader who is dedicated and who cares about them as much as they do themselves. People want a change leader who has committed to much more than the goal or objective.

You Can Lead a Horse to Water

You Can Lead a Horse to Water
The most inspired of inspirational leaders can be but putty in the hands of a person or persons who want to do what they want to do. People cannot be forced—at least, not for long. We know that we can enslave the body but not the mind. Human beings truly choose who they are, how much they will accomplish, and how they will engage the world at every second of every day. That is simply a fact of existence. As leaders, we must recognize this and commit to honoring that fact.

A Leader in Name Only

A Leader in Name Only

You may have the title but do the people truly regard you as a genuine leader? By itself, the title of leader means a higher pay scale but little else. While organizations hire and promote people to lead, they are only figureheads until people choose to allow them the opportunity to lead. Ultimately, leaders only lead groups if the people give them the personal authority to do so.

There are Two Types of Leaders

Two Types of Leaders

Transformational and transactional are the types. Which one are you?

How to be Good at Leading

How to be Good at Leading

Your goal is to become a transformational leader. But how? First, know thyself. The ability of leaders to be clear about their own passions and areas of importance creates the opportunity for others to share in that direction. If you are clear about where you are going, others can be as well. This enables others to make the choice of informed action. After clarity of individual direction, leaders learn to engage others in their direction.

Change or Stay the Same?

Change or Stay the Same

All companies face this issue. Do we change or do we stay the same? There is a dynamic inherent to all organizations called the change-stability dilemma. This means that the organization wants to both change and stay the same at the same moment. Every organization has the inherent capability to grow, adapt, and respond to changes in the environment. It also has the inherent capability to be stable and deliver the same things over and over.

How to Transform Your Organization

How to Transform Organization
Inspiring leadership is a proven path to success but how can you make that happen in your workplace? Well first ensure you have a transformational leader. They will have certain basic characteristics and be competent in performing as follows: ·

Envision a compelling future (vision) ·

Commit to the future (action) ·

Set high-performance goals (aspiration) ·

Enable inspired action through teams (collaboration) ·