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Understanding Organization's Role

Understanding Organization's Role
This week has been a busy one. We have been in Calgary doing business development and really understanding what a boomtown is like. The stories of Fort McMurray left me wide-eyed. I managed to get back to Santa Barbara before the snows started. During our time there, I was asked some questions about our actual approach and what we believed about working with people.

Here is our short answer. The  Envision Global Leadership works to develop leaders who create transformation in themselves and their organizations.

Transformational Leadership: Understanding Organization

Transformational Leadership: Understanding Organization

With this, the series on Understanding Organization through the Wheel will be compete. This has been a very brief overview of how you can use this powerful tool. At the Envision Global Leadership, we have used this, in far more depth, in many organization assessments and planning sessions for organization change. The most important lesson to take from this is to always remember that you are always working with a whole system.

Transformational Leadership: The Power of Empathy

The Power of Empathy

This issue takes another spin on the Organization Wheel, this time at how you work to integrate people across parts of a system. One thing leaders have to remember is that they are always dealing with multiple levels of systems and often with fractionalized pieces of that system. When people work within organizations, they rarely have a consciousness about the "whole system", and usually have a limited sense of how they fit into the whole. A leader's role is one of illuminating the system and integrating peoples thoughts and actions within it.

Five Competencies of Transformational Change

Five Competencies of Transformational Change

Continuing on the subject of transformational leadership, this time I am giving you 5 competencies that transformational leaders exhibit. In past articles, we have been focused more on the systems thinking aspects through which leaders can engage groups of people - either small or large groups. The principles we put forth work for any size group or community of people. Now we are shifting focus to the relationship side of leadership.

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

Our last few newsletters have focused on transformational competencies for leaders. Today we begin a five part series that deepens this discussion to an element that is vitally important to all of us who follow a creative path in this world. More specifically, we will talk about how the things a leader thinks about and talks about creates, or manifests, the physical reality around them and how to use that force to fabricate an amazing future. Earlier articles have talked about the larger systems that leaders engage.

Law of Attraction: Commit to the Future

Commit to the Future
We are continuing with our series that highlights the Law of Attraction in use through Five Transformational Competencies for Leadership. Again, this is discussing how the things a leader thinks about and talks about creates, or manifests, the physical reality around them and how to use that force to fabricate an amazing future. We use this framework to provide some order to the process of leadership, allowing the leader to focus on the things that make the most difference with their time and efforts.

Law of Attraction: Enable Inspired Actions Through Teams

Inspired Actions

This is the third article in a five part series on the Five Competencies for Transformational Leaders. Literature on leadership is filled with information on what it takes to lead others. You will find a mixture of behaviors, competencies, beliefs, approaches and stories about leaders.

Creating the Future

Creating the Future
 How many of us have wished we could predict the future? When I was a child, I was really fascinated with the aspect of traveling into the future and being able to know what the world would be like many years from now. Actually, I'm still fascinated by that. There is one thing that I now know to be true. We can all predict our futures. In fact, most of us do it on a daily basis, some of us more than others.

There is no real trick to this, just awareness, that whatever we think about all day, we get.

Law of Attraction: Set Performance Goals

Set Performance Goals
Some years ago, I set a goal for myself to get a Ph.D. Now, that by itself is a pretty big goal, but I added on to it a few wrinkles. I was working full- time, and I was not in a place where I wanted to leave that position. Also, the only program that I found that fit my criteria was a mere 183 mile drive -one way. Not one to let things like this discourage me, I set about brainstorming how I could make that kind of commute up to 3 times a week and meet my other responsibilities on a daily basis. So, I had this idea.

Transformational Leadership: Vision-Seeing Beyond Sight

Vision: Seeing Behind Sight
We enter March and the last few weeks of winter. Spring is beginning to make its appearance in Santa Barbara. I am continuously grateful for the beauty of this place that I am blessed to call home. Last week, I stepped off a curb and nearly fell, as I had misjudged the height of the curb. That immediately seemed rather odd. As I became more curious, I realized that I was losing the vision in my right eye.

The next day, it was worse. A few phone calls later I found myself preparing for an emergency surgery to repair a detached retina.