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What is the EGL Case Study Program?

The Leadership Case Study provides skill development for a group of leaders looking to make transformational change in their collective styles.  It takes an organization goal, for instance, developing enterprise leadership, and develops a structured curriculum of case studies and study guides that are selected to fit the overall need. 

We top this with a coaching and mentoring structure that allows

  • Determining an organizational development goal
  • Developing a learning plan
  • Creating development processes
  • Executing an evaluation process with sponsor(s)
  • Developing external accountability mechanisms

What do you get with the EGL Case Study Program?

EGL Case Study Program is a 12-month program designed for significant change in leadership style.  It focuses on a subject area determined to be relevant to the overall organization’s need, then supported at the individual level of participant.  Participants will achieve the following:

  • An enhanced understanding of the leadership challenges and approaches required to be effective at the top levels of corporate structure,
  • Company specific view of how leadership approaches leading change as one shifts into the higher-level positions within the company.

The program also includes:

  • Curriculum and learning materials
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring

Who suits the EGL Case Study Program?

  • Employees who are on a developmental track towards a senior level management position that will require a high degree of leadership capability at an enterprise level. 
  • Thought leaders who are in technical leadership roles.
  • Project managers.
  • Team leaders.

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