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Case Studies

The Center for Creative Leadership we provides 360-degree feedback as part of their efforts to support and encourage learning and growth in managers.

They have found that to use feedback effectively for enhancing managers' self-awareness and challenging them to engage in developmental work, it needs to be embedded in a larger development process.

Their work with 360-degree feedback is influenced by three important lessons about self-awareness and development that they have taken away from our experiences working with managers and our research on management development: 1 People can learn, grow, and change to become better leaders and managers.

Managers do not develop in their early years and then simply sit back and apply all they have learned; rather they continue to need to learn as their work changes.

Because this is a different goal, with different individual and organizational dynamics and likely requiring different data collection and dissemination...

This report is one of a series produced by a research team at the Center for the Study of Teaching and Policy, a
national research consortium home-based at the University of Washington. Developed with support from The Wallace
Foundation during the early stages of an initiative that explores central issues in the exercise of educational
leadership, the reports synthesize studies, conceptual work, and examples of current and emerging practice.
The reports are intended to clarify each leadership issue, while assembling what is known from
empirical studies. The information in these reports lays the groundwork for further study and practical
experimentation by leaders and reformers in states, districts, and schools.
The first report offers an overview of leadership and leadership support in relation to the overarching
goal of improving learning. The remaining six explore in more detail particular issues within that terrain.