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Change Leadership


EGL’s change leadership programs are designed to support significant change in organizations, through a intentional actions of its leaders. Our methods have been designed out of decades of research and practical experience across cultures and industries.

What do you get with EGL Change Leadership?

EGL Change Leadership offers you a whole systems approach to change at work, and presents you with a model for dealing with rapid and intentional change in your organization. This approach, coupled with the leadership capabilities of creating vision and bringing it to action allow you to create substantial and sustainable change in organizations.  You’ll be able to:

  • Think through objectives of the work of change

  • Plan activities to achieve objectives

  • Use best practices principles to accomplish them…and much more.

  • You will be provided with a directional framework for addressing change by looking at change as work–something that you do, rather than something that happens to you.

EGL offers clients various programming options with different objectives to answer these questions and meet every business need.

Who is EGL Change Leadership for?

EGL Change Leadership packages vary by depth and focus and offer a solution for every level, from CEOs to line managers.  The most common are sponsors or drivers of change and initiatives.  This can be executives working culture change, project managers working to complete an implementation, or any other person who needs to lead the process of change.


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