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Envision Global Leadership Aliases

We use, or have used, a few different names in the course of business, and it can create a bit of confusion.  One of the issues we face is that while the name is description, it is long.  Consequently there are a few aliases.

Our legal name is Envision Global Leadership, Inc.  We are a Texas C-Corporation, headquartered In Houston.

Here's a guide to EGL names.


This is the most commonly used alias, as it is short and to the point.  It is considered one of our DBAs.  We love to use it, and wish we could get the domain.  We also have it trademarked.


The company uses EGLEAD.COM as an email domain used by Envision Global Leadership.   We only use it because it is shorter and easier to spell over the phone.   It does create a bit of confusion at times, and it is neither our legal name nor a DBA.  Just an email domain.

All of our emails will work with [email protected] or [email protected] in case it creates confusion for you.

The Gaian Group

The Gaian Group was a Santa Barbara based leadership development firm that became a part of Envision Global Leadership in 2010. 

The Emotional Intelligence Institute of Santa Barbara

The Emotional Intelligence Institute of Santa Barbara was a research and education firm, focused on understanding emotions in leadership, that also became a part of Envision Global Leadership in 2010.



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