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Creating Leadership

 This site is for ideas and tips for leaders who want to better understand how to create leadership that supports transformation among groups of people. My book on this subject, Inspirational Presence, covers the overall concepts and my approach to helping people develop the required skills.

There are some basic beliefs that I should put forward about leadership. First, anyone can do it. It does require a lot of consciousness and a clear intention that you really want to lead. There is a lot of responsibility associated with that role. When a person leads through their ego, they can be much more concerned about how they are seen and whether people listen to them or not.

They can be in places of control where they really just want to control the situation. However, to lead means taking responsibility of where the system (group of people) are actually headed. That is quite different. If this is something that interests you, read on. It is actually quite simple and I will do my best to present you with practical tips and techniques that will aid you along the way.


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