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Why do I need you?  

  • Because being a good manager is not enough to guarantee the success of a businesses. Being an effective leader can make the difference between winning and coming in second place.  It can be the key ingredient to differentiating yourself from the competition and driving success. Fortune 500 companies use leadership coaching to increase their performance and we believe that small businesses can benefit from it in the same way if not more. 

How can leadership coaching help me?

  • Leadership coaching is aimed at helping you achieve more through others. It will assist you in creating a context in which you can empower people around you. Leadership coaching will develop your ability to influence and motivate others. It will give you the means to create a vision and a mission for your business that will inspire your staff, your customers, investors and any other stakeholders you connect with.

Why a coach versus a consultant?

  • A consultant is focused on tactical problem solving. A consultant is an expert in specific areas who uses his knowledge to give you the answers to specific issues. A coach will help you to look at the bigger picture and find your own solutions. He will assist you to look at your business versus in your business. He will support you, encourage you to develop your own vision, define what will keep you motivated to achieve your goals, identify what is holding you back and be by your side to encourage you along the way.  

What can I expect?  

  • You can expect a partnership with someone who will be there to listen to you, believe in you, encourage you, champion you along the way to better leadership. Your coach will ask you thought provoking questions to assist you in finding your own solutions and to help you move forward towards becoming a better leader.

What background do EGL coaches have?  

  • Our leadership coaches are all certified by organizations recognized by the International Coaching Federation. They also have a business background and have spent a significant amount of time working in a business environment.

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