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EGL Leadership Development
Our approach is enabled through deep direct coaching relationships and powerful team training in which we create “touchstone” events that people will remember for a lifetime. We also create organization structures that are aligned with the core mission, vision and values and develop internal consulting expertise to sustain change.


Developing Leadership
Executive Coaching
Working to develop your leadership capacity?  Looking at leading a large cultural or transformational change?  Developing your ability to create shared vision?  Coaching provides the most direct and customizable solution to targeted business needs.  Engagements are structured around specific business and personal needs and are customizable based on individual goals. 
Development of individual and team leadership competencies
Leadership is one of the most critical portions of success in today’s environment.  Awareness of personal leadership styles for both individuals and teams is critical to providing leadership.  These services offer awareness education for leadership with related strategies for building on collective strengths while developing other areas.  Individual and team follow-up coaching is also available.  This can be an extension of a coaching engagement or the first event that leads to larger development plans.
Leadership Development in Global and Cross-Cultural Settings
Facing a global challenge for leaders? We create leadership development training programs with global reach and direct business applications. Whether you are already operating globally and you want to develop leaders across a global base or you are facing the prospect of beginning global operations, our proven programs can be customized to fill your needs.



Fostering Change
Transformational and cultural change
Merging?  Moving from manufacturing focused to sales focused?  Increasing your focus on safe work practices?  These examples of cultural change represent a construction of new attitudes and beliefs in organizations.  We have focused coaching solutions that offer a set of strategies and related learnings directly related to strategic change that allow organizations to transform themselves.
Organization Effectiveness
Development of internal coaching resources
Internal consulting in rapidly changing organizations offers a unique set of challenges.  These services include models for moving in and out of work systems and managing the dynamics of internal consulting, as well as individual and group skills building and coaching.
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