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Executive Development’s roots lie in organizational development, management experience, behavioral science and psychology. Envision Global Leadership (EGL) is on the cutting edge of developing integrated approaches to leadership development. We meld these disciplines into a series of issue focused leadership development programs.  These are a balance of education on leading for transformation, framed with strategic consulting, and supported by both change-oriented coaching (changing certain behaviors and beliefs) and growth-oriented coaching (focused on sharpening performance) to enable our clients to reach their full leadership potential.  Behavioral scientists have shown that the type of one-on-one support offered by EGL is one of the most effective approaches to helping people make and sustain change in their lives. 

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 The fundamental goals of our programs are three fold:

  • We are deeply committed to helping our client develop their own skills and abilities
  • We partner to help our client achieve their stated needs and goals.
  • We recognize and support the business proposition required for executive coaching to be successful.

The Leadership Transformational Program is a highly personal one-on-one relationship. It provides a collaborative partnership between coach and client.  The coach offers non-judgmental guidance, mentoring and support over a six-month to two-year period.  In our programs, individuals will understand how building awareness in their lives drives the transformational change cycle.  Transformation is the natural outcome of bringing awareness to your life.  It is this recognition or “aha” moment that is the call to action to change or fix what is discovered.  The challenge then becomes leaving old-self defeating habits and adopting new self-affirming ones to make the necessary changes.  The Coach enables change by helping individuals to overcome personal obstacles, maximize strengths and reach their full potential in achieving their desired goals.

Program Options to Fit Your Needs

EGL offers clients seven programming options with different objectives to meet every business need.  They are described below. Each has these key elements: assessment, feedback, modification and support.  They vary by depth and focus and offer a solution for every level, from CEOs to line managers.

Executive Development


Creating profound change involves all areas of one’s life.  While this program has at its core the objective of developing leadership, it follows the premise that this task can only be accomplished by examining every area of a client’s life.  This intensive program provides assessment and feedback in both the personal and professional areas of the executive’s life. 

Ideal Candidate

C-level and other senior executives will benefit most.  This is the most intensive program available and requires a major commitment of time and energy, and promises to yield a significant difference.

Strategic Change


In order to accelerate change, we recommend systematically coordinating consulting on change strategies with one-on-one executive coaching to serve a larger strategic objective.  This starts with the needs of the larger organization, and then integrates personal development to provide a powerful force for change.  This systematic coaching program reaches the entire cadre of executives, which fosters cultural change for the benefit of the entire organization.

Ideal Candidate

Leadership teams and management structures within an organization undergoing strategic change.

Leadership Development


Leadership Development produces behavioral change and growth in clients, usually in response to a need to develop emotional intelligence in executives, managers, supervisors. Current research indicates that 90% of leadership success is due to skills related to emotional intelligence.  These “soft” interpersonal skills do not replace technical skills, they compliment them.  As people progress in leadership responsibility, these skills become increasingly important. 

This program builds the capability of leaders to help their employees with the intangible elements of human interaction – superior work gets done through personal relationships.  The key to ROI is developing and sustaining positive individual and group behavior using personal relationships to achieve the desired business results.

Ideal Candidate

Executives, managers, and supervisors.

Break-through Performance


Often individuals have a significant personal development goal that requires very specific assessment and feedback in order to provide a break-through, or to provide adequate focus in a particular area to achieve a specific result.  This can be an executive who is taking on a specific new project, a sales manager who is working to create new customer relationships, or an internal consultant who is redefining their professional stance.  Each of these needs to focus their energy on a particular issue as efficiently as possible and concentrate their efforts to break through their existing behaviors.

Ideal Candidate

An individual, whether a supervisor or line manager or an individual contributor who has a specific focus to accomplish.  These are typically very specific and have a short to near term horizon.

Assimilation or Transition


Newly recruited and promoted executives face particular challenges to navigate their new roles/organizations. Also, there are times when the key leader is exiting and the organization needs to be stabilized as soon as possible.  We accelerate their integration or exiting and enhance their probability of success by helping them accomplish the following:

  • Establish a cultural fit
  • Build teamwork with staff and peers
  • Clarify management expectations
  • Develop internal political savvy
  • Create their own process for assimilation

Research suggests that four out of ten newly promoted managers and executives fail within 18 months of starting new jobs, which includes being terminated for performance, performing significantly below expectations or voluntarily resigning from the new position.

Ideal Candidate

Newly hired or promoted executives, particularly in sales, marketing, or cross-cultural positions.

Performance Support


Many leaders have integrated their winning strategy, or are still working effectively in established roles, but are working in dynamic and often ambiguous roles.  This support offers clarity, focus, feedback, and accountability to help them navigate through these roles.

Ideal Candidate

Project team leaders, others in dynamic environments.

Coaching for Team Development


At the Envision Global Leadership we view team-development as an ongoing process, not a single event.  Since we think of team-building as a continual process and recognize time constraints are a fact of life that teams face; we offer comprehensive six-month and one-year programs.  These programs use short amounts of time regularly scheduled over a defined period, and are firmly linked to your business results.

Ideal Candidate

An intact team faced with a relevant challenge to performance.

Coaching for Success Workshops


A common way to build sustainability for change into your organization is to develop an internal group of coaches.  Coaching for Success is a custom designed program in which participants learn the mechanics of change and of coaching to foster a climate of organizational learning.  They develop the ability to use coaching within their organization to improve interpersonal interactions among employees and to enhance performance.

EGL will bring in modules of their Executive Coach Training to be offered internally in custom configurations.  It is the basis for our public workshops and teaches the same executive coaching skills we teach our consultants, and meets professional standards of the International Coach Federation certifications.

Ideal Candidate

Internal consultants, managers, supervisors or people who spend significant amounts of time working in teams, training or mentoring others. 

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