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When you hire a leadership consultant or coach, you deserve to know you are getting certain things from them.  While the role of consultant or coach provides a difference in how we support you, EGL consultants are skilled and fluent in both approaches.

Each of our Consultants

  1. Has a breadth of relevant experience and education
  2. Is trained and experience in the advanced aspects of Leadership and Leader Development.
  3. Is qualified to deliver all of our EGL assessments
  4. I qualified and/or certified by the International Coach Federation as a certified coach, and is certified through Envision Coach Training.

We are affiliated with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and all our coaches have been trained up to or beyond ICF standards. They are trained to work with any client in any business in any culture.  Because of this association, we follow the ICF Code of Ethics and Ethical Conduct at large in all of our engagements even when we are only contracted to educate or consult.

Additionally, we maintain our own code of ethics and ethical review process within the company. Lastly, we practice consultant/coach supervision and review processes to ensure we maintain consistency and high levels of delivery.


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