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As of April 1, 2010, The Emotional Intelligence Institute of Santa Barbara became a part of Envision Global Leadership (EGL)

The product slate and people made the journey to EGL, as did the client relations and contracts.  Our learnings on emotional intelligence have made their way into the products and services of EGL, and create a unique difference to leaders.  

There are additions, as well.  There are a number of features that EGL will bring to the overall business that you will hear more about in the near future.  More training opportunities and an expanded focus on web engagement systems that will be out very soon.

One of the additions to the business is a focus on maintaining and supporting coaching certifications for executive coaches, both our consultants as well as other people in the profession.  I believe it is time to help expand the capabilities of this rapidly growing field.  In service of this, we are offering our Executive Coach Training to the public in the summer of 2011.  Please see http://www.envisiongloballeadership.com/executive-coach-training for more information.

One last detail, I, too am part of the move to EGL.  I will be active in the management of the company, playing a role in educating and developing consultants, and continuing to do some client work. I will still be available for some time as a principal in some of the leadership development and strategic change roles.  Hope to see you in one of those.

To your success,

Jeff Evans, Ph.D.


Envision Global Leadership

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