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Are You Helping or Hurting Your Work Environment? 

If the answer is unclear, it’s time to reassess your skillset and determine how well you’re playing your role. Emotional intelligence is everything when it comes to handling your workspace—it colors how you deal with employees, clients, and everyone else you interact with. That’s why emotional intelligence self-assessment tools from EGL are one of the most critical resources you can use if you work in an organization. 

Our emotional intelligence assessment posits 70 questions to the test taker and guides you through EGL’s tried-and-true model of leadership, interpersonal skills, and more. After you take the test, EGL provides a custom report full of feedback that outlines how you performed and which behaviors you might need to practice more of versus the ones you already use.

How a Self-Assessment Can Help

When’s the last time you honestly appraised your leadership abilities? If it’s been a while (or it’s never happened in the first place), the time to take action is now. At EGL, our team has worked to develop the evaluation so it provides crucial insight into how you can change your culture for the better. Few things are more important for success than high-quality social skills, and our emotional intelligence assessment emphasizes your potential growth areas.

How Is it Scored?

The crucial thing to remember about our reports is there are no “bad” scores. While we do rate the assessment by high, medium, or low grades, all that refers to is the frequency of the behavior you exhibit. Are there positive behaviors you don’t act out as much as you should? The evaluation pinpoints which ones you can work on adding into your repertoire of social skills.  

Make Your Organization Stronger

The easiest way to build a better company is to help the people within it improve. Our emotional intelligence assessment offers you the opportunity to do exactly that, and then some. Being an emotionally intelligent leader is all about:

  • Social awareness

  • Managing your emotions

  • Creating a safe environment

  • Empowering your colleagues

    If you want the chance to build up your ability to do carry out all four areas, it’s time to start your collaboration with EGL.

    It’s impossible to move forward without knowing where you’re coming from. Taking stock of your status and finding a new way to reach the heights you want to reach is crucial for achieving growth. And no one’s better at helping organizations uncover specific areas of concern than EGL. With our in-depth assessments, we’ll help your team move in the right direction. Fill out the form below for all the information you need. 


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