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Enterprise Leadership

One of the key roles of an enterprise leader is to “set the agenda” of the organization.  This term has become widely used to imply meeting management, and a formal listing of what needs to be done.  In this case, we use it in the more traditional form, relating to a personal motivation.  This is a key element of establishing an influence based leadership model.  Here are five key areas to using this effectively. 

  • Set the agenda.  Quite literally, if you want to lead through this, you must set the overall agenda.  This may mean that you create it yourself, or you essentially formalize what is already in the hearts and minds of the organization, or in a part of the organization.
  • Stay focused on the core value.  When leading an agenda, treat it as a mission, or a cause, not as a project or a set of steps.  Many people start with a deep motivation to create something of value, and then move it into a series of projects.  While this gets things done, it can dilute the focus on the underlying purpose of the value-based agenda.
  • Live the agenda. Walk the talk. Be a role model. Whatever it is that you espouse to be valuable, live it to your fullest. Build a network of likeminded people. Think about everyone who might be interested in this cause. Reach out to them in a way that taps their values. Serve others.
  • When you reach out to your network and your organization, look for the value you can bring that supports others’ question for success.  Do your utmost to allow people to creatively and positively express the value you support.
  • When leading through influence, one guiding principle must be that people will only do what they choose to do.  If they are compelled, they will act.  Bringing a value-based agenda to a group of people who share the value will create inspired action.  Your job is to continue to stand for the purpose, and recognize and support those who are living it.



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