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At the Envision Global Leadership, Inc. we view team-development as an ongoing process, not a single event. Since we think of team-building as a continual process and recognize that time constraints are a fact of life that teams face; we offer comprehensive six-month and one-year programs. These programs use short amounts of time regularly scheduled over a defined period, and are firmly linked to your business results.


  • Initial Team Assessment and Data analysis
  • Debriefing of Assessment to team leader/manager as to 'issues' and opportunities
  • Establish business related performance goals for team
  • Understand Team Development Process - Five steps
    Program Creation:
  • Team Development program that 'fits' in with established corporate work expectations
  • Monthly meetings with individual 'teams' (in the field)
  • An initial day meeting to establish terms of training monthly follow-ups either direct/phone/web cast
  • Tailored team development sessions
  • Group problem solving and work process workshop team development through leadership training communication program
  • Conflict resolution program handling both transitional and transformational change
  • Leadership/Manager coaching sessions (to be scheduled)
  • One-on-one coaching sessions on visioning
  • Understand the five characteristics of a transformational leader as it relates to increased bottom-line results
  • Skill development
  • Other managerial development issues (Conflict Resolution,) Focus on role as leader/participant
  • Special dynamics of working 1:group and 1:1
  • Final team assessment and data analysis: Impact on business

Time Commitment
6 or 12 months

Ideal Candidate
An intact team faced with a relevant challenge to performance.

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