Envision Coach Training Affiliation with EGL

Envision Coach Training is affiliated with Envision Global Leadership (EGL) and was initially developed as a mandatory training for our consultants as a way to ensure they reached the highest level of coaching skills possible before working with our valued clients.


Whether you are ready to explore a career in executive coaching or are already an experienced coach wanting advanced training, we provide several programs to help you on your path.

We are Accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF)


Coaching is a rapidly growing field, with corporations around the globe increasing their use of internal and external coaches in an effort to maximize productivity, efficiency, and skill in their organizations. With that increase, accreditation through a reputable organization with internationally accepted professional standards is becoming more important for coaches. The International Coach Federation (ICF) is rapidly becoming the gold standard in that arena.  

Our Trainings Are Face-To-Face and Highly Interactive. 

All our core trainings at Envision are face-to-face and highly interactive. We believe that, when it comes to such an interpersonal craft, this is the only way to go.  

We are delighted to bring our decades of experience and proven methodologies to the public as we act on our commitment to create professional competence in the coaching world. We teach, not just how to become a masterful coach, but also how to gain personal mastery. Many of our students claim the programs have changed their lives overall for the better.

For both internal and external Executive Coaches we especially recommend the ACTP Coach Training Program which will take you deeply into success principles of the executive and corporate world as well as the neuro-science of change and leadership.