What is LDP1?

The LDP1 program (Leadership Development Program 1) provides skill development for leaders looking to make transformational change. Utilizing one of three options – Organizational Engagement, Personal Leadership Style, or a structured curriculum – each program includes:

• Defining an individual development goal

• Determining an organizational development goal

• Developing a learning plan

• Creating development processes

• Executing an evaluation process with sponsor(s)

• Developing external accountability mechanisms

What do you get with LDP1?

LDP1 is a 6 – 12 month program designed for significant change in leadership style.  It focuses heavily on relationship skills, as well as building and honing the participant’s leadership presence.

The program also includes:

• Curriculum and learning materials

• Structured learning exercises

• Direct performance observation and feedback

Who suits LDP1?

• Executives

• High Potential Employees

• Mid level and transitioning leaders


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