Leadership Development Programs

EGL’s leadership development programs are designed to create significant change in participants through a strongly affirming approach. We start with the clients’ greatest strengths and then determine potential areas for improvement by comparing to a map of leadership competencies proven to increase organization performance.

All leaders learn how to be successful from a myriad of teachers:  business mentors, professors, favorite authors, and parents. The ideas we adopt are woven into a tapestry of beliefs that is reinforcement by success. This results in a “winning strategy” that gets used every day, in every decision, and to which they cling tightly when times are the hardest.

What do you get with EGL Leadership Development?

Beginning with your existing winning strategy we help you design and fabricate a revised strategy based on where you want to be. We then help you start living that out  today.

These are some key questions that you will address:

  • What are you hoping to accomplish?
  • Who are the people you want to impact?
  • What sort of overall parameters do you need to manage towards?
  • Who defines success for you?
  • What sort of timing, location, and cost issues do you face?

EGL offers clients various programming options with different objectives to answer these questions and meet every business need.  Each has four key elements, in levels varying by package: assessment, feedback, modification and support.

Who is EGL Leadership Development for?

EGL Leadership Development packages vary by depth and focus and offer a solution for every level, from CEOs to line managers.

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